Airplane Generators#

class airlift.envs.generators.airplane_generators.AirplaneGenerator(num_of_agents: int)#

Generates airplanes in the environment. Places the agents at their starting positions as well as what their limitations are.

generate(routemap: airlift.envs.route_map.RouteMap) List[airlift.envs.agents.EnvAgent]#

Generates an EnvAgent at a start location for each plane model as defined in the file. The function ensures that there is at a minimum of 2 or more connected components at an airport before placing the airplane at that location. This in turn makes sure that the agent is not stuck on one single airport. The dictionary keys are accessible using the plane model: Ex: 0, 1..


routemap – A Dictionary of DiGraphs that that contains all the routes specific plane models are able to traverse


airplanes, A list that contains all the EnvAgents

class airlift.envs.generators.airplane_generators.AirplaneInfo(start, capacity)#
capacity: int#

Alias for field number 1

start: int#

Alias for field number 0